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What profitable e-commerce website do differently.

As Steve Jobs once said – “Simple can be harder than complex.” This is a mantra that has worked for apple for decades and this design still holds true for web design and especially for e-commerce websites in particular. Simplicity in e-commerce websites often lead to higher customer retention, higher conversion rate and deliver a more positive experience. A simple user experience prevents your website visitors from being overwhelmed and lead to fewer site issues.

In today’s world, we log more hours on the computers/mobile devices so it is only natural that we crave digital experiences that are intuitive visually calming and straight forward.

First Impressions on the web

As a website owner, you have only 15 sec to capture the visitor’s attention. Your website bounce rate is directly related to how cluttered it looks to the visitor. The key to having a well-designed website is that your customers have easy access to the info they need. Slow loading times are a clear indication that there is too much happening on your page and that your backend is not optimised.

Have a clear Call to Action(CTA)

All the best performing e-commerce websites have a clear Call to action. A clear Call to Action can increase conversion rates as long as they are clear and convincing. A quick and easy way to increase conversion rates is to have the CTA “above the fold” so that your users don’t have to scroll down.

Ease for customer feedback

Your company name, address and phone number should we available on all contact pages. Most companies place this either in a contact bar above the main navigation or in the website footer.

Empower your customers

A happy customer is a returning customer. As a website owner, you should provide your customers with the tools to help them identify the answers to any questions they may have. Some tools may include calculators to calculate shipping costs, charts for clothing sizes or quizzes to find out the right products for you. But you gotta keep in mind that these tools are only effective if they are simple to use. This requires a lot of work during development and thinking about user experiences.

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