The Marketing Power of Instagram

Online marketing, especially through social media, has grown tremendously over recent years. Its impact has equally proved worth due to the cost-effectiveness and the rate of planet formation to the customers Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most popular social media platforms for marketing receiving a large following for both marketers and users.Instagram which came a bit later after these two sits is also performing way better and making them have a run for their money as it gains its popularity rapidly among the netizens. Today, marketers have discovered how powerful Instagram can be for promoting products and services. This article is meant to take you through a discovery journey on the facts that make Instagram the ultimate power for marketing.

The power of Instagram regarding Design

The design of a marketing platform is vital in the promotion of a brand or product because it is what determines if a product is appealing to its target customers or not. Instagram has a certain design that clarifies the image of products and makes adverts attractive to customers without making them look monotonous or boring. Here are some design features that influence the power of Instagram in marketing.

  1. Enhances Brand Visibility
    Instagram is a social media site where users share not only their content but also a place where they get to learn new content from other users. What this means to brands is that they can make their brands visible for customers to discover.
    Hashtags are a way to help users locate contents that interest and appeal to them as a way to maximize the social discovery factor. According to a competitive analysis firm TrackMaven, hashtags can mean the make or break the image of a brand on Instagram.
    The impact of hashtags is not based on quantity but quality. Hashtags are a form of art, and they attract customers if placed in certain ways. As a marketer or brand, you need to use trending hashtags with the ability to go viral, and they should strike between your business name and others should reference specific marketing campaigns.
  2. Attract the Attention of Customers
    The use of visual marketing techniques has been on the rise for a while now, and it is working incredibly as customers a brand by first glance. Instagram being a more visual oriented company is giving visual marketing a huge boost by using its power to attract customers through image advertising. Instagram can help brands and companies attract more customers by creating such attention through these images. A thing to note is that not all images have the same impact because images work in different ways to pass different messages and reactions. Therefore, as a marketer, you need to use some tricks and tips which are more psychological.
  3. Select the correct Filters
    Instagram allows users to edit the photos they post using filters with a variety of twenty distinct filters at the moment. The filters produce a distinct visual effect on the images you post eliciting different reactions and attracting people more. According to researchers, the Mayfair filter is the most effective filter attracting more attention to customers, and attracting more comments and likes. Specifically, the black and white filter is also very effective which means that even the choice of filter matters.
  4. Enables Quality and Creativity
    The beautiful pictures on Instagram are the key to the success of your brand. However, the power of Instagram goes beyond just marketing. Even though you may be on Instagram for the specific purpose of marketing, it should not always be about marketing. There is also another face of your brand that you should create for your audience to reduce monotony and seriousness. A picture of your staff at a sandy beach enjoying, goofy photos of your product among others, make the brand attractive and interactive. You should, however, apply creativity and wisdom.

post-image-1The power of Instagram regarding Statistics

The statistics of the traffic is the first thing a marketer looks for in a marketing platform because it is the channel in which tio rach potential customers. A social media site should prove it can reach many clients and deliver the targeted message effectively. Instagram is hugely connected to facebook laying the strong ground for marketing on Instagram. Here are some statistics that support the power of Instagram in marketing.

  1. Over 1 Billion Monthly Users
    While the growth of Facebook continues to grow by around 3% and Twitter users continue to diminish as they suspend fake user accounts, Instagram users are growing at an average of 5% quarterly. With the number of users at recent months indicating an average of 1 billion users per month, Instagram has the potential to expand for the next three years steadily and then start to slow down later. What this means to marketers is that there is room for more audience to reach.
  2. Over 4/5 of Users on Instagram Follow at Least One Business
    The insistent approach or brands to stuff up users with adverts is becoming boring and monotonous to users making more to place ad blocks on sites or pass through without looking. However, the model of advertising on Instagram is more appealing to users especially young ones and more than 80% of all account follow one os more businesses.
    iii. Instagram is 15 times More Engaging
    Instagram is more of an interactive social site where people share videos and engage me than Facebook by 15 times and around 29 times more than Twitter according to experts. Therefore, when you post your brand to the audience on Instagram, more people are more likely to associate themselves and interact with your brand.
    With no doubt, Instagram is more engaging than other social media sites, and its clarity of view is incredible. Moreover, the popularity and reach f Instagram is proliferating, and maybe shortly it will equal or surpass that of Facebook and Instagram. Whichever way, Instagram has the design ideal for marketing and its features favor marketing very much. Despite some of the problems based on the fact that Instagram is a heavier application limiting some users, it is with no doubt the ultimate powerhouse of marketing based on the latest trends.
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