Social Media Metrics That Should Really Matter

Your social media pages seem to have a lot of likes/followers but sooner or later you realise that despite having so many followers, you cannot convert them into sales or leads. Surely something must be wrong somewhere.

That is because you celebrated something knows as a vanity metrics which does not add any real value to your business.

Social media analytics is a powerful tool and can tell you what your customers are expecting from your brand. With analytics, you can gain valuable insights such as

  • Your audience’s likes and dislikes
  • How many followers turn into website traffic
  • How engaged your followers are with your pages and page posts
  • The percentage of traffic that converts into your desired goal

Let’s try to understand some metrics that are really important

  1. Social Reach
    One of the top metrics to track is reach – a measure of how many users your posts are reaching. The higher this number, the more exposure your content receives. While reach cannot be your sole metric of success, it is an indicator of how well your accounts and content can attract new audience members. Reach metrics are usually easily accessible on the insights page (or tab) of your social media profile.
  2. Referrals
    Determine how well your social media content leads people to your website by evaluating referral traffic.

    Google Analytics is a great resource for tracking referrals. Go to Acquisition –> Social and observe which of your social media networks are driving traffic to your site and how they are converting.

    To improve the referral traffic, create more engaging calls to action in your social media posts. Give them a reason to click.

  3. Bounce rate
    Users often visit your home page and never go further on your website. To see how frequently this happens, check your bounce rate metrics. If your bounce rate is high from your social media traffic, you can see your visitors were interested in the social post – they clicked on a link – but the site content didn’t deliver – they quickly exited.
  4. Follower growth rate
    Your follower growth rate is another important metric to show if your content is resonating with people. It helps you determine whether you’re posting regularly enough to grow your audience and if your posts resonate well with your target audience. Every social media platform displays your number of followers and the growth (or decline). If your growth rate is sluggish, consider implementing some changes to post frequency, content topics, format, etc.
  5. Engagement
    Social media engagement shows how many people interact with your content. You may find that your audience engages more with an infographic than a text-based post. Or you could learn they prefer one topic more than another. All of that can inform your future content decisions. A strong engagement rate indicates your brand is connecting well with your audience.
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