New patent shows a foldable phone with a pop-up camera

In the last few months, most of the big names in the mobile phone industries have unveiled the foldable design in some shape or form. From the Samsung galaxy fold to the Huawei Mate X. But recently the guys over at ‘Let’s go digital’ spotted a patent for a foldable phone with a popup selfie camera by Oppo at the World Intellectual Property Office.

This is not the first time Oppo has attempted to have a sliding camera in a phone. The ‘Oppo Find X’ released in Q2 of 2018 has this sliding camera concept. The camera faces inwards when the device is in tablet mode but can old be used facing outwards depending on how you hold the device.


The sliding camera removes the need for a notch as seen in the galaxy fold which means that the device can have an edge to edge display without cutting out any part of the image. And its also doesn’t need a camera grip like the Huawei mate X since there isn’t any rear camera.


The downside of having a sliding camera like this is that you have to fold the device in a certain way to change from selfie mode and that you cannot use the entire screen as a viewfinder.

In any event, we have to remember that this is just a patent and might never go into mass production

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