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Instagram Mistakes That Stop Your Brand From Growing

With more than 25 million business profiles and over 200 million visiting at least one business profile daily, Instagram isn’t the easiest social media channel for brands to master. It can be frustrating to get the attention of the rather distracted users. However, too many brands are making mistakes that can be easily fixed, which will help their Instagram platform grow.

  1. Little to no engagement
    Other than rushing out to post content, One should make time to reply to comments and also interacting with other accounts who share mutual interests. Just constantly posting content and hoping that Instagram will wave its magic wand and make your brand popular will not work. You need to give context to the images/videos you’re posting. You should search for relevant hashtags for your post and interact with other similar posts and comment on them. Your comments should be natural and should spark a conversation. You should avoid comments like ‘Nice’, ‘Awesome’ etc
  2. Wrong Hashtags
    Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram marketing. They can be a great way to increase your Instagram visibility and allow your posts to reach an audience who shares and are interested in the content you post or the services you offer. However for them to be effective you have to use them correctly as using the wrong hashtags can be damaging to your brand. You should find tags to match your brand and track the performance of them and then make a list of the most effective ones for future posts. You should create branded hashtags with a long-term vision with the intent of reaching new audiences and sparking conversations.
  3. Constant Self Promotion
    Instagram is a platform where you’re supposed to interact with others. Constant self-promotion is one of the most anti interactive things you can do as it makes you seem desperate and boring. Even though you might have great and fascinating stories to tell about your business, you should avoid telling them all at once. Seeing multiple photos in a feed coming from the same account can be a turn off to some users. If you have a lot of content to post you can use the Instagram story feature or go live.
  4. Too much-polished content???
    New and established brands publish a lot of polished content to give the followers the impression that they invest a great amount of time and skill to come up with such posts and also represent their attention to detail. A post published by the guardian which analysed Instagram data stated that this might be counterproductive as your followers would rather see more realistic and authentic posts and react better to that. You should focus on sharing more real and simple content as simplicity is key when creating relatable content
  5. Avoid Bots(Fake Comments, Likes, Followers)
    It’s getting harder to grow an organic following on Instagram given its paid advertising approach. It might be tempting to spend a few dollars and get a bunch and followers and links and generate fake engagement in a matter of a few hours.
    Even though you have the follower, like stats those followers are dead weight and do not generate any income or sales for your brand. The only way to grow is to share quality content.
  6. Have an Instagram strategy
    Creating Instagram marketing strategies on the blind is as good as having no strategy. Have only one strategy with one goal, whether it’s to drive traffic to your website, to create brand awareness, or something else. What will help you stick to your strategy is looking at the right Instagram analytics
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